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For all containers, there is an XSLT that contains the transformation code, and the same set of files formulated in the appropriate vocabulary for the container.

Config Files

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The Spring and Spring.NET configuration languages are very much the same, save for gratuitous differences to ensure that the latter feels more Microsofty. Their XSDs are not related at all. They both have, however, the idiosyncracy of defining key elements without using XSD types. I took the artistic freedom to create XSDs that describe the same language but are extensible. You must use the provided XSDs in order to take advantage of schema extension.

You will find files for Spring in directory Java and files for .Net in directory DotNet.


Castle Windsor is a container offered by the Castle project. Although I admit I have never used it, it seems to offer the IoC capabilities one would expect from an angle slightly different than Spring. It does not have an XSD.

You will find the files for Castle Windsor in directory Windsor.